Lancôme Poême Eau de Parfum for Women 100 ml


Top notes
Lychee Blossom, Himalayan Blue Poppy
Middle notes
Jasmine, Mimosa, Orange Tree Blossom
Base notes
Vanilla, Datura
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Poeme Eau de Parfum for Women by Lancôme is a warm, sweet and flowery fragrance. You can rightfully call it a lyric poem in the world of perfumes. It is an elegant and novel fragrance you will remember forever. Allow yourself to escape on clouds of intoxicating datura and the essence of Himalayan blue poppies. At the very heart of the poem, discover gorgeous scents buoyed on the wings of butterflies fluttering about blooming roses, daffodils and aromatic freesia.

The base of Lancôme Poeme Eau de Parfum is the sweet smelling essence of vanilla. It is designed for all ladies who enjoy giving in to sweet and strong perfumes. You can wear it all day long and delight in a truly unbridled luxury of fragrance. Lancôme Poeme is suitable for colder seasons because it can provide a pleasant warmth and evoke the right atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Order it in our Internet shop and become a part of this oriental fragrance. You will discover how you become a sweet smelling surprise that men want to discover again and again. It was introduced to the market in 1995.


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