Artdeco Fixing Powder Caster Transparent Powder 4930 10 g



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Discover the new staple in your make-up collection. The transparent Artdeco Fixing Powder Caster sets foundation, concealer, primer or even lipstick flawlessly, making your make-up look more durable and long-lasting.
gives your make-up look long-lasting and waterproof fixation
absorbs excess oil from the skin, with and without make-up, effectively
doesn’t create an uneven texture on the skin or highlight dry patches
leaves the skin feeling and looking soft and smooth
is versatile and very finely ground
How to apply:
For extra-strong fixation, apply a thicker layer of powder over foundation or concealer. After five to ten minutes brush away the excess powder using a brush or sponge. For normal fixation or when used over lipstick, apply only a small amount of powder.


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