Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml


Top notes
Cherry, Yuzu, Plum
Middle notes
Lotus, Tea, Chinese Rice Blossom
Base notes
Birch, Musk
Fragrance category
fruity, floral

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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus is a very fresh floral fragrance. It’s pleasantly light and stimulating which makes it perfectly refreshing in spring or summer. Launched in 2008, it’s a limited edition of original Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea.
Green Tea Lotus opens with a very fresh mixture of fruits, such as essences of citruses and yuzu, but also of delicious and sweet fruity aromas, such as plum and cherry. At first, it’s very fruity and fresh, but it has a tinge of the sweet aroma of flowers, and it’s this aroma which dominates in its heart. Very light and fresh, this eau de toilette is formed by essences of white flowers of lotus and rice. Also, the essence of tea is crucial, as it provides this fragrance with its characteristic aroma. These intoxicating combinations are built on a cooling base formed by fresh, green aromas with birch being most distinctive.
Even though it’s mostly floral, its composition consists of a number of unique ingredients so it has a light and exotic tinge. Its smell reminds slightly of China or Japan which makes the whole essence very exceptional. And it’s these ingredients what makes it incredibly stimulating and soothing. It makes you feel like relaxing. The dominating floral tones then make this eau de toilette beautiful, elegant, and delicate. These essences are very fresh and light and the fragrance makes an incredibly tender, fine, and fragile impression.
Green Tea Lotus is eau de toilette all the women and girls who like freshness and lightness will fall in love with. These women are delicate, beautifully innocent, and elegant. Also, they admire simplicity, which makes them strong, and long for an exceptional fragrance to stimulate and refresh them and make them feel composed.
Incredibly light and pleasant, it’s ideal for everyday use. It puts on you a fine, yet unforgettable aura of purity and freshness. Green Tea Lotus is suitable rather for use during the day, as it’s very fine, and it’s an excellent perfume for the moments of your leisure time. However, It can be also pretty relaxing so it won’t disappoint you at work.


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