Bottega Veneta Illusione Eau de Parfum for Women 75 ml


Top notes
Bergamot, Black Currant
Middle notes
Orange Blossom, Fig
Base notes
Olive Tree, Tonka Beans
Fragrance category
floral, woody

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Make your dreams a bit more real, and your reality a bit dreamier. The Bottega Veneta Illusione Eau de Parfum can do that for you – just for a moment, it blurs the line between dream and reality to bring you a feast for the senses.
essentially feminine floral-woody perfume
for a sensual, elegant woman
forms a matching duo with Bottega Veneta Illusione Eau de Toilette for men
Composition of the fragrance
In the opening, this Eau de Parfum will captivate you with the elegant bergamot and juicy blackcurrant. In the heart of the fragrance, the sweetness of fig comes out, accompanied by orange blossom. The seductive composition is then enhanced by the intoxicating notes of olive wood in a perfect symbiosis with tonka bean and its warm, sweet character.
Story of the fragrance
With Illusione, Bottega Veneta once again defines the true meaning of “luxury”. This sensuous Eau de Parfum was created to express a relaxing siesta by the pool when all you can feel is the warm Italian breeze on the surface of the water. The fragrance also has a masculine counterpart Illusione Eau de Toilette, forming an elegant Italian couple.


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