Hermès Jour d’Hermès Eau de Parfum refillable for Women 85 ml


Top notes
Lemon, Water Notes
Middle notes
Sweet Pea, Gardenia, Green Notes, White Flowers
Base notes
Woody Notes, Musk
Fragrance category
oriental, floral

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Hermes Jour d’Hermes is an exclusive fragrance for women, the embodiment of true desire and endless sensuality. It captivates and perfectly inspires all romantic modern women that are very sensitive, perceptive, and free. This aroma immediately creates an irresistible aura around you as a pleasant veil for your body. Jour d’Hermes is the perfect caress for your skin.
Hermes Jour d’Hermes is no cliché. Its magically-floral tones will take you to the world of flourishing gardens and a fresh breeze. Its aroma reminds of freshly cut flowers and cooling morning dew after a summer evening rain. This luxury perfume for women by famous and popular Hermes is excellent for warm spring and summer days. Jour d’Hermes is a precious yellow liquid which comes in a perfectly designed, beautiful bottle with a solid bottom.
This unique, floral-fruity fragrance for women is exceptionally enchanting, pure, feminine and tasteful. Jour d’Hermes will make you feel fresh, elegant, and self-confident. It immediately makes you feel like a free fairy dancing in a floral paradise. Jour d’Hermes recharges your positive energy and lights up your every day! It was launched in 2013.


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