Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream The Original Skin Protectant Protective Cream 50 ml


Complexion type
all skin types
Skin type
all skin types
Calming, Regeneration, Protection from the elements
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day, day and night
Active ingredients
salicylic acid, vitamin E

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a legendary and awarded protective cream of apricot color which provides the maximum protection of both skin and complexion for eight hours. It intensively hydrates and nourishes. It soothes your skin and complexion dried or irritated by sunshine, rehydrates chapped lips, and has favorable healing effects on the spots prone to drying and emergence of calluses. It is popular among celebrities and make-up artists all over the world who use it mainly as a lip gloss and eyelid make-up, to keep the shape of eyebrows, and for a perfect treatment of fingernails and cuticle.
This remarkable cream also soothes light burns, irritated skin or complexion after shaving, and softens the hardened skin on both hands and feet. It can be used also on dried and frayed tips of your hair. Pamper every part of your body with the protective cream by Elizabeth Arden!
intensive hydration
soothing effects
protects from free radicals
petrolatum – protects your skin and complexion, intensively hydrates and prevents the loss of moisture
salicylic acid – smoothes your complexion by softly flaking off dead cells of skin or complexion, makes it smooth and has anti-inflammatory effects
vitamin E – strong antioxidant protecting the skin and complexion from free radicals, improves the look of complexion, soothing effects
Type of skin/complexion:
Suitable for all types of skin/complexion, including a sensitive type.
Apply as necessary, anywhere and anytime you need.


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