Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum for Men 200 ml


Top notes
Sage, Ozone, Apple
Middle notes
Cypress, Geranium, Lavender, Nutmeg
Base notes
Orris Root, Nagarmotha (Cypriol), Ambergris, Suede
Fragrance category
aromatic, woody

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Start every day with a little celebration of your versatility. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum will help you master the art of switching from one role to another in a second – all with elegance and ease.
woody fougère fragrance
for a driven, active man
timeless design
Composition of the fragrance
The Eau de Parfum captures your attention from the start with the opening notes of sage in combination with the unmistakeable scent of ozone. The masculine character than develops in the heart of the composition with majestic cypress and essences of lavender, nutmeg, and geranium coming forth.The base notes include rare suede, ambergris, and Cypriol essential oil.
Story of the fragrance
Eternity for Men now comes as an Eau de Parfum for all men who know the value of the most important things in life. This fragrance brings you a feeling of comfort in the midst of life’s daily challenges. It gives you courage during difficult business decisions or deepens your familial instincts in your role of a father.


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