Burberry Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum for Men 100 ml


Top notes
Tarragon, Cardamom, Mint, Grapefruit
Middle notes
Lavender, Nutmeg, Cedar
Base notes
Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Vetiver, Benzoin
Fragrance category
spicy, woody

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Experience the unique atmosphere of London’s streets by night! The Burberry Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum will immerse you in a mysterious and sensual aura tailored specifically to you – just like the iconic black trenchcoat of this brand.
a captivating, warm, spicy and woody fragrance
an irresistible scent suitable for evening wear and special occasions
for charismatic men with a refined taste
Composition of the fragrance
The composition opens with sparkling mint, refreshing and juicy grapefruit, aromatic cardamom seeds and intense tarragon. The captivating nutmeg, cedar and lavender add an extraordinary masculine touch. The woody finale will warm you up with exciting cinnamon notes combined with exotic patchouli, earthy vetiver and the sunlit trio of sandalwood, benzoin and amber.
Story of the fragrance
The Burberry man is full of contrasts. He respects tradition and yet also keeps time with the modern era. He is distinguished and, at the same time, sensual. Elegant but still rebellious. Just like the British metropole which inspired Burberry Mr. Burberry for men, launched in 2017. The neck of the bottle is decorated with a black ribbon made from the same gabardine as that used for the legendary Burberry trenchcoats.


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