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From now on, your favourite lipstick will only stick to where you applied it to, never to the rim of your caffè latte glass. The Artdeco Magic Fix is a magical helper that seals in your lipstick with an invisible protective shield. It prevents lipstick from being transferred onto glasses, cups and shirt collars and ensures a long-lasting hold.
seals the colour on your lips, stopping it from smudging and being transferred
fixates and ensures that all types of lipstick stay in place throughout the day
makes your lipstick kiss-proof and waterproof
nourishes and soothes the lips
bergamot oil – has a floral, fruity aroma and relaxing effects
lavender oil – has soothing and nourishing characteristics
How to apply:
Line your lips, apply lipstick and gently blot off any excess with a cosmetic tissue. Apply one coat of the fixator to each lip whilst also going over the lip contours. Subsequently, let the Magic Fix dry with your lips slightly parted for several seconds. You may feel a slight tingling sensation during application. The Artdeco Magic Fix isn’t suitable for sealing very creamy or glossy lip products.


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